Catering for positions in all educational areas and in all Key Stages, Applebough Recruitment Ltd really are the personable, expert educational recruitment consultants. So, if you are looking for a career or position in Primary, Secondary, Further Education or University establishments as we start a new year – get in touch with us for a confidential chat about how we can, and will, assist and support you.

Whilst Covid-19 has had a devastating effect on many UK businesses, the educational recruitment market is buoyant at present – after all, education never stops, does it? Schools and educational establishments stayed open for business as usual, and it is a sector that is often heavily short of candidates to fill positions. Basically, there are far more jobs available than people to fill them.

Now, that’s great news for candidates who are looking for a new role – and whilst it may not seem so, it could also be great news for clients too, as a number of outstanding candidates will be looking to move into a better position or change career. And at Applebough Recruitment Ltd, we boast a number of outstanding candidates.

We are always looking for candidates to join us. Be they in Teaching, ECT’s, Management/Leadership, Support and Auxiliary Staff, Coaches/Mentors, or Technical. We promise that you will get the bespoke service and support that you are looking for to find the role that you are looking for. Whatever your situation, we will help you.

Applebough Recruitment Ltd have wide range of positions available: temporary, permanent, and long-term. We pride ourselves on the consistently outstanding service that we provide for candidates, and we don’t just fill roles – we will find out about you both as a person or a professional, because education is all about people.

Many educational professionals see the New Year as a time for taking stock or seeking new challenges. This should also be just that for those who want to work within this sector, and those who have the skills and qualities that this sector needs but they don’t know it yet! The sector consists of employees, staff, and leaders from a number of different educational and career backgrounds. Working in education really is a broad church that many professionals from outside education think can’t be for them, for some reason. Well, it can!

Yes, we are looking for additional Teachers, ECT’s, Managers and Leaders – but we also place Support and Auxiliary Staff, Mentors, and Technical staff within educational establishments, too. For example, care workers, sports coaches, those who work in foster care, and support workers have made superb, enjoyable career changes to education. Far too often, we hear people say that they think that they need a certain qualification to work in education, when in fact they do not. Educational establishments are looking for the best candidates, not those who seemingly have the perfect CV. The University of Life is a very overlooked educational establishment!

So, if you are thinking about a career in education but are working outside of that sector – then please contact us at Applebough Recruitment Ltd for an informal confidential chat, where you will be given the advice and support that you are looking for.

We are also really interested in talking to Early Career Teachers (ECT’s) about their aspirations, their career, and their future. As they will know, the standard length of induction increased from one school year to two school years which we feel could open a wider range of career opportunities for them. Again, an informal, confidential chat with the educational recruitment specialists at Applebough Recruitment Ltd could be of great benefit to you?

Candidates: We work alongside you and with you. You are never a number to us, you’re an individual, and someone who needs support in finding that perfect job, that new role, or maybe just career advice.  We don’t simply take your details and wish for the best – we are with you every step along the educational recruitment journey. We have a broad knowledge of the education sector and strong, positive relationship with schools, colleges, and other educational establishments. We ally that to a bespoke candidate recruitment process where take the time and trouble to find out about you as a person, and not just as a professional.

So, you can see why Applebough Recruitment Ltd are the go-to educational recruitment company across The Midlands.

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