At Applebough Recruitment Ltd, we like to keep clients and candidates up-to-speed with educational developments and are proactive in how we communicate and collaborate with them. In a fast-moving sector, it’s important to be one step ahead, and as we come to the end of the educational year it’s time for many schools, MATS, or further education establishments to think about the start of September, the year ahead, how the market is candidate-led, and their staffing requirements…….

We are already one step ahead of many recruitment companies, as we have extensive experience and expertise in educational recruitment. We think that this counts for a lot. Our success is based on teaming our knowledge of this sector with a personalised approach to client service, and building positive, progressive, long-term relationships with key recruitment stakeholders such as Headteachers and Principals, Executive Heads, HR Managers, Business Managers and those overseeing teaching and Learning. Applebough Recruitment Ltd cater for positions in all educational areas – Teaching, ECT’s, Management/Leadership, Support and Auxiliary Staff, Coaches/Mentors, and Technical – be they in Primary, Secondary, Further Education, or University establishments.

So, why should educational establishments look at using an educational recruitment expert ie. us – rather than more mainstream forms of recruitment, such as media advertising?

Well, we think that we not only offer the expertise and experience as mentioned above, but we are extremely cost-effective and time-saving, too. No wasted time, no wasted expensive advertising, no hoping that the right person comes along……just recruitment expertise targeted at the very best candidates that suit your available roles. Our thorough processes ensure that we are successful educational matchmakers, and also ensure that recruitment funding is spent on more than hoping that someone suitable sees an advert. Basically, we do all the hard yards for you.

That’s why we have a plethora of long-term clients who we add real value to. We don’t just fill jobs. We take the time and trouble to learn about you and your needs, and it’s important for us that candidates not only have the relevant skills but will also buy into the school’s ethos and values, too. And when it comes to candidates, we have a portfolio that is growing and growing.

We have a database of candidates already pre-screened and pre-selected – so, let Applebough Recruitment Ltd match-up the expertise of our candidates to your exact requirements and minimise the risk of making the wrong recruitment decision.  Whilst direct advertising can work, many schools find out that it can be expensive, time consuming – and at the end of the process they are left with candidates that may not fit the bill. In short, the risks of not using a specialist recruitment consultancy can outweigh the benefits.

We won’t supply you with applicants – we will supply you with candidates. The right candidates. There’s a huge difference between the two, and there can often be a huge difference in time, money, and resources used to find this out, too.

A few examples of how we can save you time….things to think about:

  • Think of the time spent writing up an advertisement and getting it published
  • Think about the time you spend sifting through application letters, application forms, and CV’s
  • Think about the administrative time used to answer phone calls, send emails, verifying candidate information, and collating/answering their questions, etc
  • Think about how we can help you to schedule meetings and interviews.

A few examples of how we can save you money…. things to think about:

  • Think about the cost of designing and placing advertisements
  • Think about the time that your administrative staff can now send on doing other productive things
  • Think about how expensive employing the wrong person can be!
  • So, think about how using Applebough Recruitment Ltd repeatedly, on a long term basis, as we already will have knowledge of your organisation, processes, staffing requirements, ethos, etc.

Recruitment guidance, expertise, support, experience, success: This is what we provide for the many educational establishments that we work alongside. So, if you are an educational organisation looking for outstanding staff, please contact Applebough Recruitment Ltd for the personable, expert educational recruitment solutions that you want, need, and deserve.